Holistic treatment program

Not everyone responds to traditional outpatient services that include group therapy or 12-step programs.

Primrose Healing and Wellness’ unique program works for people when other programs have failed.

After a 30-day intensive, clients come in twice a week for the next month and then once a week. We stick with clients throughout this process. We do not send them away after 30 days, we stay with them for continuous care.

The intensive program at Primrose Healing and Wellness is a unique, individualized program for people struggling with addiction, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, and trauma.

The program is designed in a way that clients come in for a therapy session 5–6 days a week, working with different therapists, on different components of a holistic treatment. Clients receive 3–4 days of different types of psychotherapy, a day of Energy Healing, mindfulness and mediation, and a massage/body work session. Every session is specifically catered to the individual’s unique needs.

Month One

* This is a sample program—all programs are uniquely designed to meet each person’s individual needs.

Week 1

  • Identify issues
  • Identify current coping skills
  • Stress management & body work
  • Self-esteem
  • Mindfulness
  • Art therapy
  • Goal setting

Week 2

  • Review Week 1 goals, successes & struggles
  • CBT to help change behaviors
  • Nutritional counseling & physical activity program
  • Development of new coping skills
  • Energy work/Energy Healing & mindfulness
  • Massage

Week 3

  • Review Week 2 Goals
  • Psychodynamic & insightoriented therapy
  • Self-esteem work & body image
  • Discover the role of emotions
  • Develop new coping skills
  • Stress reduction
  • Energy work/Energy Healing & mindfulness
  • Massage

Week 4

  • Implementation of new skills
  • Interpersonal & social therapy
  • DBT skills
  • Exercise & movement therapy
  • Identify challenges
  • Relapse prevention
  • Energy work/Energy Healing & mindfulness
  • Massage

*Month Two is designed to have 2 sessions a week, then reduced to once a week.

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