At Primrose, these are some of the things that we provide treatment for: 

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Addiction is a devastating condition that can affect indivisibles, friends and family. Addiction can be to a variety of things; alcohol, drugs, food, spending gambling, the internet, sex and many other things.

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It is normal to worry, to be nervous or fearful at different times in our lives. Anxiety is a more persistent condition that impairs and individuals normal daily functioning. For a person with an anxiety disorder...

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Career Related Issues

Many people struggle with career related issues. These issues can range from trying to define what type of career they would like, conflict mediation with people at work, to career transitions.

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Couples Issues

Couples make a big decision when they enter into couples counseling. For many it is about looking for a way to reconnect. For others, it is about learning new ways to communicate.

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Depression & Other Mood Disorders

Everyone experiences sadness at times. Sadness is a very normal emotion. Depression is a mood disorder that can be much more debilitating than sadness.

Diversity Issues

Diversity Issues

It is important in the field of Psychotherapy that therapists understand and address the very diverse needs of the populations they serve. Diversity is defined as any issue that makes...

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Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders can be seen on a continuum. There are many types of problematic eating but the common component is that an individual has a problematic...


Grief and Loss

Dealing with grief, loss, and bereavement is a normal life process that everyone goes through at various times in life. There are stages of grief...


Self Esteem and Identity Issues

At the heart of many emotional issues is low self-esteem and lack of clarity about identity. Self-esteem is affected very early in life and if a child has...

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Everyone experiences stress in their life. Stress becomes problematic when we do not have the tools to manage stress. Stress reduction, mindfulness...



Psychological Trauma may set in after one has experienced a severe distressing or life threatening event. Immediately after an event, shock...

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