Diversity Issues

It is important in the field of Psychotherapy that therapists understand and address the very diverse needs of the populations they serve.  Diversity is defined as any issue that makes the therapist different from the client. Diversity issues include, but are not limited to gender, race, culture, age, sexual orientation, life experience, medical condition, etc.

It is critical that when there is a diversity issue that therapists get educated from the client about that issue.  The experience of the client is what is critical for the therapist to understand.  When there is a diversity issue, the client is often the expert.

We are a very diverse society today and it is important that clients know that they can find a therapist who meets their needs.  Many groups in society are feeling they cannot find therapist who understand who they are.

Some diversity issues that are important to find a good therapist for include

  • Gender identity issues
  • Gay/Lesbian Issues
  • Transgender Issues
  • Cultural Issues
  • Segregation and stereotype issues
  • Decimation issues

When Looking for a Therapist:

Diversity is an important issue for many people.  It is critical that when one is looking for a therapist that they find someone who they are comfortable with.  Being direct with the potential therapist about what your needs is critical. Most importantly, trust your instincts.  Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with respect.  Everyone deserves to find a good and qualified therapist they are comfortable with.

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