Couples Issues

What is Couples Counseling about?

Couples make a big decision when they enter into couples counseling. For many it is about looking for a way to reconnect. For others, it is about learning new ways to communicate. For some it is about healing. Couples who make a decision to enter into couples counseling present a true strength that says “we care about this relationship”.

The biggest question asked by couples is “Does couples counseling really work?” The answer depends on a number of factors, including the couple’s willingness to change, the degree of the problems, and how well the couple respond to the therapist’s techniques. Some statistics can provide a lot of guidance. Statistics from the American Association of Marriage and Family therapists show that there is a high amount of patient satisfaction after couples counseling. 93% of couples do believe they are given tools that they can implement into the relationship.

There are many reasons why couples may want to come in for counseling.

Premarital Counseling:

Before a couple gets married there are a variety of issues that can be really helpful for couples to explore. Pre-marital counseling consists of evaluation of the couple’s style of communication, attitudes toward finances, parenting, and sexuality. The couple is helped to identify healthy ways to communicate about these topics and others.

Communication Issues:

Communication is the key to a good relationship. No one teaches us good communication unless we take a class or get into counseling. Counseling around communication begins by evaluation a couple’s style of communication and teaching new communication skills that can help couples with issues that may arise in their relationship.

Healing of relationships:

There are many reasons why couples may experience pain in a relationship which can tear them apart. People can heal with the guidance of therapy. This type of counseling provides a safe place for couples to share feelings and begin a process of healing and recovery of the relationship.


This type of counseling gives couples strategies and skills for good parenting. It helps answer questions they may have in working with a number of childhood behavioral issues. This type of counseling is also helpful for parents who are divorced or separated and need to learn to co-parent together.

Conflict Mediation and Coaching:

There are many reasons why couples may need mediation in their relationship. If couples are considering separation or divorce or child custody issues, it can be helpful to go through a conflict mediation process before deciding to pursue legal means.

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