Intensive program

Primrose Healing and Wellness’ unique program works for people when other programs have failed.


What is an intensive program?

An intensive treatment program is a way to jumpstart treatment. People can accomplish in 30 days what would otherwise take 30 weeks of treatment. One of the most cited benefits of an intensive treatment program is that the client can use new tools and things they are learning immediately in their day to day lives.


Other Reasons why intensive treatment works:

Increased duration of treatment has been shown to lead to better recovery outcomes.

The flexibility of scheduling is meant to work with individual needs.

There is Quick Relief of acute symptoms.

Clients can continue going to work or to school if they choose.

Daily accountability and access to therapists

Daily crisis intervention as necessary

Practice of new skills daily and application of skills in the real world each day.

Working with relapse prevention early on and recognizing red flags early.

Less expensive the residential treatment or inpatient services.


What Makes Primrose’s Intensive Program different than others?

Most intensive programs are group-based programs and not everyone is comfortable with group therapy. Primrose’s program is individually based. Therapy is all individual and unique.

Most treatment programs have a prescribed treatment plan that is used with all clients. At Primrose we design a unique treatment plan for each individual. There is not one size that fits all. Everyone has individual needs, and we collaborate with clients to create plans that will best assist them in their recovery.

Not all treatment programs have a variety of alternative and adjunctive therapies that are part of their programs. Primrose has several adjunctive therapies that are included in everyone’s program. These therapies include Energy and Body work, Mindfulness, Meditation, Nutritional Counseling, Yoga and Art Therapy. These are incorporated to meet the needs of each individual.

Most treatment plans send clients home, and they need to find a new therapist for aftercare. At Primrose we have a step-down program. After the 30-day intensive program we drop clients down to the number of days that is appropriate for them. We keep them connected to the alternative therapies that worked best for their recovery. We will continue to be there for as long as they need treatment. We support our clients as long as they need our support.


Who can benefit from our intensive program?

The intensive program at Primrose Healing and Wellness is a unique, individualized program for people struggling with addictions, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, trauma, and complicated grief.

The program is designed in a way that clients come in for a therapy session 5 days a week, working with different therapists, on different components of a holistic treatment. Clients receive several types of psychotherapy, a day of energy /body work, mindfulness, meditation, and trauma informed yoga/movement. Every session is specifically catered to the individual’s unique needs.

Intensive program


Beginning to Develop Rapport and get background information on client and ED behavior. Identify what client goals are. Both family therapy and individual therapy are part of the program as appropriate.

Trauma Informed Yoga

There are many benefits of yoga: physical, psychological, and spiritual. We use yoga as a way to help people deal with trauma, anxiety, and body image issues. Your yoga instruction meets you where you are. It's okay to have absolutely no experience with yoga or to have practiced for many years. Yoga is used as a type of therapy that allows you to connect with your body. It provides movement that is both beneficial and healing for both the body and mind.


Mindfulness is about being in the present. Worry often comes from living too far into the future or even looking back to the past. The only aspect of our lives we can truly control is the present moment. Mindfulness entails learning how to fully engage with the moment, whether in relationships, moments of silence, exercise, or any other activity. Here, you will discover the genuine meaning of being present.

Polarity therapy

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a holistic approach to healing that aims to restore balance within the body. By addressing energy blocks, it facilitates the flow of vital life force energy, promoting optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Through gentle touch, bodywork, and breathwork, practitioners help release blockages and support individuals in achieving holistic wellness.


Meditation is a practice that helps quiet the mind and brings you into the present moment. There are various types of meditation techniques that you may find interesting. It starts with learning different breathing meditations, followed by guided imagery, body scans, and progressive muscle relaxation, all of which contribute to the body's restoration and healing process.

Fruit, smoothie, oranges, juice

Nutritional Counseling

Looking at current eating habits and establishing goals for week one. This is also included every week as this is a critical piece of recovery. Meal planning and accountability are critical to this program. Family involvement will also be a part of this portion of treatment.

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