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About Primrose Healing & Wellness

Primrose Healing and Wellness is a center that takes a holistic approach to healing. It is a center staffed with trained and experienced professionals who share a common belief that every individual is unique and treatment for every person needs to take into account every aspect of an individual’s life. Treatment and healing happen when we know the whole person.  Each person works with the practitioner that will meet their very unique set of needs.

Philosophy:  There is not just one approach or type of treatment that works for people. Many treatment resistant conditions or issues appear resistant only because the most appropriate form of treatment or healing has not happened. Our philosophy is to develop an individualized treatment plan that incorporates a range of therapies that best work for each person.

Mission: Our mission is to treat and aid in the healing process of individuals, couples, families, and groups.  We have a team approach that is holistic in nature.  We also aim to provide education in healing and mental health to our clients and to the community.

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