Aaron Lollis

My name is Aaron Lollis and I am a licensed Trauma informed Marriage and Family Therapist. I received my graduate degree from Antioch University of Los Angeles, and I have been practicing psychotherapy since 2011.  I have experience working with clients from different socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, ages (kindergartners to seniors in their 90’s), and I am a LGBTQ and POC ally.  I enjoy psychodynamic work, exploring childhood and family dynamics and I also practice evidence base modalities. I am certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and trained in EMDR as well as many other modalities of treatment.  Some of the symptoms I am versed in treating range from stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosis, bipolar, self-harm and suicidality.

I am an advocate of adjusting the modality of treatment for my clients based on their needs and I encourage a holistic approach to align both the body and mind using mindfulness and somatic work. I value interpersonal relationships, collaboration, perseverance (try-fail, try-fail, try-succeed), and learning from our experiences. I enjoy helping people in becoming more functional, assisting them in overcoming life’s many challenges, reducing the impact of barriers to happiness, growing, and gaining insight despite their difficult experiences. I believe in therapy as a helpful tool to assist people to be aware of and become their true authentic self, and I feel that a trusting therapeutic relationship is very important to facilitate this process.

When I am not practicing therapy I enjoy the outdoors with camping, cycling, surfing, and team sports. I also appreciate the arts (music, comedy, painting, movies, other performing arts…), spending time with family, my dog, and traveling.

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