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Welcome to Primrose Healing and Wellness

Primrose Healing and Wellness is the Bay Area’s leading resource for a holistic approach to bringing harmony into your life. Our mission is to treat and aid in the healing process of individuals, couples, families, and groups. Appropriately, the center earned its name not just due to its location on Primrose Road but also through the deeper meaning of the primrose flower itself as a symbol for healing. Dr. Deborah Simmons, our Clinical Director, was inspired to grow her private practice into a group practice so she could offer a greater array of wellbeing options and embody the primrose flower’s spirit of transformation.

At Primrose Healing and Wellness, you will find a thriving and dynamic community which offers support and encouragement to assist you along your transformative journey. When asked about what brings her joy in her job, Dr. Simmons notes that her love of people fuels a passion to for making Primrose Healing and Wellness a dynamic, safe, and thriving community. “I am honored to be brought into the good and difficult moments of people’s lives. I believe that healing happens when people have a strong bond with their therapist, and I believe that psychotherapy does help people heal and grow,” she says.

The avenue of healing and wellness is multifaceted and comprehensive at Primrose Healing and Wellness. Our success is due to the dynamic and compassionate and team available to guide you through a range of treatments. In pursuing an approach to therapy that transcends traditional methods, Dr. Simmons has assembled a core of talented and passionate people who are experts in their respective fields. Get to know the staff here. With a wide range of holistic adjuncts to the therapy process such as reiki, yoga, meditation, support groups, and educational workshops, Primrose Healing and Wellness delivers various approaches and services in order to address the diverse needs of all individuals. Each treatment plan is individualized in order to best accommodate the therapies and approaches which work most effectively for you.

Are you motivated to heal and grow? Are you seeking out changes in your life, but are perhaps unsure of how to begin? Get in touch here. You are warmly invited to try a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with any or all of our therapists to ensure that you find the perfect fit. Primrose Healing and Wellness can be a transformative resource if you’re struggling with: addiction, anxiety, career-related issues, couples issues, depression or other mood disorders, diversity issues, eating disorders, grief and loss, self-esteem and identity issues, stress, and trauma. Find out more about available treatments here.

Treatment and healing happens when the whole person is supported. Come find your solace at Primrose Healing and Wellness, and begin your path to transformation today.

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