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How Can Reiki Help Me? 4 Key Benefits to Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese technique to decrease stress, promote relaxation, and above all, center on healing and wellbeing.  It’s no wonder that at Primrose Healing and Wellbeing we fully support incorporating a reiki practice into health routines!

Reiki is both a hands on and hands off method to restore balance to the body through realigning the chakras, which allows for energy to flow more freely and evenly throughout the body.  This process of opening and adjusting helps to soothe tensions which manifest both physically and psychologically.  While this can sound very new-age for newcomers to the practice, incorporating reiki into your health and wellbeing routine is an important indication that you’re ready to move away from the unbalanced and begin to center and reenergize yourself.  

There are four key reasons why reiki is beneficial:

 1. Reiki helps you connect to yourself.

The Bay Area is fast paced and busy place to live, and it’s incredibly easy to coast through the week on high-stress levels that leave us wiped out by the weekend.  Reiki allows for the time and space to check in with oneself in order to realign mind and body.  Traditional therapy is best supplemented with other practices to create a routine of wellness, and reiki is an important part of the process of centering oneself in order to transform.

2. Reiki enables spiritual growth and emotional clarity. 

Hand in hand with the above, reiki is a process to bring about inner peace and enhance spiritual growth.  The nature of a regular reiki practice is focused on introspective inquiries into one’s emotional process and can provide important tools in the journey of self-discovery. The process of re-centering and connecting with oneself allows for greater room to find emotional clarity and healing, an important aspect of any spiritual journey.

3. Reiki helps to reduce stress.

Stress reduction is one of the primary benefits to reiki.  The techniques used in reiki specifically trigger a body’s relaxation response in order to decrease tension in the mind and body.  Stress is a driving factor for many ailments, and reiki, when partnered with a range of wellness practices, can play a key role in learning how to manage it.

4. Reiki can decrease body pain.

Reiki is a commonly used to ease tension due to pain or injuries.  It is considered a low-risk intervention given the little to no touch method and encourages total relaxation combined with energy redistribution.  This means tension becomes released, mobility increases, and pain lessens.

We strongly encourage you to give reiki a try.  Call our office for a free 15-minute phone consultation with any or all of our therapists to ensure that you find the perfect fit at 650-425-3451.

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