Vanessa Ventura

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Vanessa Ventura

MA, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern

Life doesn’t come with an instruction or how to book and sometimes we encounter challenges in life which we may struggle with personally, spiritually or professionally. Seeking out professional assistance offers the opportunity to explore other possibilities and tools that can help one navigate through the trials and tribulations of life.

I believe in the power of the human spirit and of our capacity to heal, expand, and grow and sometimes this comes in the form or reaching out and seeking help. Asking for help can be a difficult yet rewarding experience. I strive to offer clients who choose to work with me an authentic and compassionate space for them to explore and empower to find the answers and tools they seek to improve their own lives. My approach and personal goal is to provide a safe space for clients to embrace their process so we can work together towards reaching their treatment goals.

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Colaboro con mis clientes para encontrar el más eficaz y adecuado curso de acción.  Falicito un proceso interno en el cual el cliente elige su mas adecuada resolución en un lugar en el cual se sientan seguros.  Mi enfoque personal y objetivo es el de proporcionar un ambiente cual promueve auto aceptación, seguridad, y compasion.   Igualmente colaboro con clientes a superar rotes personales y alcanzar sus objetivos de tratamiento. Muchas gracias por visitar mi pagina.  Espero oir de ud.





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