• Julia Arsan

    Polarity Therapy Practitioner in Training

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Julia and I am an Energy Principles Practitioner working towards board certification in the practice of polarity therapy.

    Polarity therapy is a comprehensive, whole-person approach to wellness that utilizes bodywork, verbal processing, nutrition, and energetic exercise. The goal of this therapy is to assist the vital life force of the body mind to flow in as uninhibited a manner as possible. This vital life force is also known as chi in Chinese philosophy, or prana in Vedic/Hindu philosophy.

    The underlying belief of polarity therapy is that our body mind system is infused with an innate, evolutionarily-crafted intelligence that is naturally oriented towards healing. In other words, your body knows how to heal. It is a matter of bringing the appropriate attuned attention and awareness to one’s experience, as well as providing our nervous system with a safe space. While polarity therapy does not claim to cure any illness, it provides physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual support in accessing this innate intelligence and putting it to work for you.

    Polarity therapy can help those experiencing acute/chronic stress, as well physical ailments or pain. It can also assist those seeking a more intimate connection with themselves, as it can provide the opportunity to develop self-awareness, interoceptive, and self-regulation skills. This therapy is particularly powerful in supporting those who want to shift out of any patterns that are no longer conducive to the life they want to lead.

    Because the work is highly attuned to each individual’s present needs, each session can look different from the next. However, a typical session will start off with a conversation uncovering the intention you have for the session. Depending on the client’s aim, this can lead to some verbal processing work, with the remainder of time spent on bodywork.

    As a practitioner, I hold a compassionate, curious space for a client’s own process of self-awareness to unfold. Using reflective listening, calculated pauses, somatic tracking and prompts for self-reflection, I guide my clients through any life challenges they may be facing. This can include life transitions, decision-making, or simply daily stress management.

    In the bodywork, I blend my knowledge of the 3 polarity principles (sattva, rajas, and tamas), biodynamic craniosacral therapy, reflexology and somatic communication to support the body’s inseparable role in maintaining health and vitality. What occurs in the mind as a thought or emotion, so too occurs in the body as an energetic and biochemical process; as above, so below. It is incredibly important to treat the body mind as a single unit if true health is your goal.

    The most important aspect of the work is safety; if you and your nervous system do not feel safe, certain energetic healing processes are not able to take place. It is not only my duty, but my deep honor to cultivate a space in which you can release your tensions the world has thrust upon you. To truly see the spirit that you are, beyond the roles you hold and survival patterns you’ve adopted, is the privilege I am dedicating my life to. I honor all of your layers, and am committed to crafting a space together to fulfill the intention you seek.

    It is my core belief that everyone, in all their infinitely complex layers of identity, is fundamentally deserving of therapeutic care in which they are seen and understood without the fear of judgement. Aware of the individual, collective, systemic, ancestral, cultural, unconscious, and somatic influences on our being, I am dedicated to crafting the skills to support you in your unique, unrepeatable expression. I welcome humans from all places, races, ages, and stages.

    I am currently training at the Polarity Therapy Institute in San Francisco, California with lead educator Brian Jansen BCPP, RCST®, RPE. My previous work with mentally/physically challenged youth as well as Neuropsychological Virtual Reality Therapy for chronic pain patients provides a fertile background for working with diverse experiences. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology, and was the first student in UC Santa Barbara’s history to complete a Peace Corps Preparation Certification, specializing in Youth in Development. I later hope to study psychoanalysis in the depth psychology tradition inspired by the late Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.

    My dream is to one day open up my own practice that incorporates healing modalities from around the world, including herbalism, mind-body practices, energy medicine, and arts, animal, community, dream, experiential, somatic and nature based therapies. In my free time, I love binging online holistic health summits, playing soccer, going on silent solo hikes, hanging out with trees, and sticking my feet in the dirt. You may also find me stuffing my face with Lebanese, Syrian, Polish and Greek foods, all cultures I am proud to call my own.

    I look forward to supporting your self-appointed journey; I am with you.