• George Payapilly

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

    I welcome you and the challenges that you are encountering. I would like to offer my support and collaboration to understand your challenges and hopes and to develop helpful ways towards living a more beautiful life.

    As a foundation, I carry a strength based approach that weaves a supportive fabric through this journey, where each person has unique qualities and gifts, some of which may be known and some not yet uncovered. Often difficulties in life bring opportunities for qualities to surface and in working with these challenges, skills can develop. Like plants, a tree starts as a small seedling which might encounter strong winds, this can feel unstable at first and overwhelming, and in time the capacity develops to deal with these situations and the trunk grows strong because of it, revealing insights and building skills that can become a fluid part of fruitful life.

    Each person thrives in different ways, I have experience with a variety of approaches including strength based, somatic experiencing, solution focused, creative play, mindfulness, holistic, strategic family therapy, land and community relations, and spirituality. I have worked in community settings with individuals, groups, and families, from young children through high school age, and adults to elders. My family comes from two very different cultures and countries and I have been raised in another, so I have had the good fortune to see how many people carry in their bones different ways to see life and thrive. I am also interested in collaborating to find the approach that will be most helpful for you. While these approaches might have been fruitful for people that I have worked with before, what will be helpful for you will develop as we work together. I will be glad to hear from you and begin this support. I wish you well.