Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that helps you deal with overwhelming problems by changing the way you think and react to situations. CBT is commonly used by people suffering from anxiety and depression; however it can also be useful for other physical and mental health problems.

How does it work? CBT is a method based on the notion that your feelings, actions and thoughts are all connected. CBT examines the way we think about situations in our lives, and how that thought pattern affects the way we act. Through examining our thought patterns, CBT allows us to break negative thought cycles which impact the way we react to situations. This kind of natural therapy has also been proven to provide patients with the same benefits of modern antidepressants. Here are just a few of the benefits of this kind of holistic therapy.

You control your thinking.
Ever felt completely consumed by your negative thoughts? CBT gives you the tools and mechanisms to be in control of your own thoughts – you take charge. By learning how to think rationally about situations you get to sit in the driving seat and not allow your negative thoughts to spiral out of control.

It has long-term benefits.
Instead of offering a short term quick fix, CBT is a therapeutic practice you can carry with you for life. This is a long term solution that programmes your brain to change the way you think about situations. CBT leads to long term behavioural and thinking style changes which will have immediate and long term benefits. Unlike prescription drugs, you can use CBT forever.

It helps improve self-esteem and confidence.
Negative and dysfunctional thinking patterns often impact our ability to take risks and complete tasks. This becomes a vicious cycle where our self-defeating thinking patterns lead to ineffective behavioural patterns. Learning to control these negative thoughts gives us the confidence to perform at our best ability which in result elevates how we feel about ourselves.

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