Yoga is an ancient practice that still remains a relevant spiritual, mental, and physical exercise for many.  With its meditative roots in India, yoga has spread across the globe as a testament to its powerful ability to strengthen mind and body, regardless of age or athletic ability.  A more modern practice of yoga has incorporated physical movement, and as such, yoga works to connect all aspects of your being to bring a greater feeling of harmony and peace into your everyday life. If you are not convinced why you should give it a go, here are a few reasons why you should try yoga:

1. It strengthens your body.

While this is the first on our list, it’s by far not the most important.  The physical strength yoga cultivates is only one aspect of what makes yoga such a fulfilling practice.  However, the physical benefits can’t be denied.  Yoga’s strengthening and stretching exercises put you in better touch with your body.  The sequences of yoga movements, called flows, can be adapted to suit each person’s specific needs.  Ultimately, the physical act of yoga is a celebration of what each individual body can do and accepts you in your practice just as you are while making you a stronger version of yourself.

2.  It strengthens your mind.

One of the key reasons yoga proves to be such a beneficial practice is that it fosters mental and emotional strength and flexibility.  During a yoga class, the body moves with the breath, and this connection of and focus on such movement allows the mind to relax and release.  When it is freed up, space is created to process deep thoughts and release negative energy. The meditative rhythm of moving to the breath provides the mind with calming effects that help to cultivate an overall feeling of peace and relaxation.

3.  It’s a judgment free zone.

There’s no room for judgment in yoga practice; it accepts you just as you are.  Yoga grounds you in the present, and any past worries or future anxieties melt away as the focus on breath and body take priority in the mind. Yoga teaches you to appreciate your differences and practice kindness toward yourself, knowing that every new pose you move into takes you one moment closer to a more whole you.

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