Massage therapy doesn’t just feel good – it does good! While many may think of it something to splurge on during a weekend getaway, in reality, massage is an excellent activity to add to your wellness arsenal. At Primrose, we encourage a comprehensive approach to well-being, which includes more than just talking therapy; access to a wide range of activities will help you to grow stronger in yourself and continue to craft a meaningful life. So, whether you’re in need of space to relax or are treating chronic pain, massage therapy is an effective treatment to enhance your overall physical and emotional wholeness. Here are three reasons why you should consider incorporating massage into your wellness routine.

Massage can help to heal physical pain.

It’s no secret that massage helps you feel physically better – it stretches out tired muscles and invigorates your body. Massage therapy helps to increase circulation, which helps to relieve pain caused by swelling and muscle tension, and has been proven in studies to be an effective treatment for chronic pain.

Massage can reduce anxiety and depression.

When you’re physically feeling good, your emotional well-being is impacted positively too. Massages are known to reduce cortisol levels, which is the hormone tied to stress. And not only is your body more relaxed after a massage, but massage helps you sleep better too, which is another known stress reducer.

Massage can relieve headaches.

The next time you have a headache, consider booking a massage. Headaches are very often caused by muscle tension and spasms located in neck, head, and shoulder muscles. Massage relieve this tension, which in turn can relieve the headaches they cause.

These are only a handful of benefits to massage therapy. If you’re interested in learning more about how regular massage can help you, give us a call for a free 15-minute phone consultation with our wonderful massage therapist, Athena Talmadge.