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Alicia Calwell


Clinical Background

Over the past 20 plus years of working with individuals and groups, I have become increasingly aware that we all want the same thing (to be happy and satisfied in life).  But, knowing the steps toward this is not always clear.  This is where outside support can help.

I view our work together as a collaboration.  I see you as a unique individual who has come to the office for certain reasons.  In addition to addressing concerns, I am also interested in what is inspirational and meaningful to you. Together, we create goals and a roadmap toward reaching those goals.


I use evidence-based approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness interventions (as well as derivatives of these modalities, such as acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and exposure therapy) to create a tailored approach for our work together.  I value your input on any approach and throughout all aspects of our work together.  I also tend to share articles and research that demonstrate the effectiveness and rational for whatever method(s) we use to toward addressing your concerns and moving toward your goals.  My intention is for you to leave with more tools, skills, and experience to meet life’s challenges.

While I work with clients across a wide range of issues, I have a special interest in working with those impacted by stress, anxiety, and issues related to food/body image.  Regardless of what brought you to the office, you have my full support.  I have a deep respect for the courage it takes to be with the things that are difficult.  People describe me as warm and welcoming.  My intention is to work in a way that both feels nurturing and serves as a catalyst for change.

If you have any questions or might be interested in working together, please feel free to call (650) 425-3451 x 704 to schedule a 15 minute, no obligation phone consult.   

Meditation/Mindfulness Background
As mindfulness is directly linked to letting go of stress and opening up to genuine contentment and freedom of mind, it is an invaluable guide in my personal and professional life.  As I will teach mindfulness classes and occasionally offer mindfulness education and skills in my individual work- it might be helpful to know about my background.

I have taught meditation and mindfulness since 2001 and have practiced meditation extensively in the United States and overseas.  In addition to Buddhist pilgrimages in India, Myanmar, and Nepal, I have ordained as a Buddhist nun under Sayadaw U Tejaniya at Shwe Oo Min and under Sayadaw U Revada at Pa Auk.  In addition, I have spent over a year in silent meditation practice through retreats at Spirit Rock and IMS.  I have completed the 1-year Advanced Practitioners’ Program and the 2-year Dedicated Practitioners’ Program through Spirit Rock.  And, I have also completed the 1-year “A Year to Live” meditation study/practice program, which focuses on death and living fully.  Currently, I am in IMC’s 2-year Dharma Mentor Training Program.  I am a Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and offer a variety of mindfulness-based classes, workshops, and trainings in the North Bay, San Francisco, and the Peninsula.

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