It’s no secret – life in Silicon Valley is fast-paced and shows no signs of slowing down. Even for those of us who don’t work in tech, the entrepreneur mindset shapes our society and for many, has resulted in a mentality where “busy” is a badge of honor. But busyness does not equate to success, and more often than not, leads to burnout. So how can we calm our overworked minds and learn how to wind down from work at the end of the day?

Monitor your email usage.

For all the extraordinary ways smartphones make our lives easier, they also mean we are better connected than before, and in some ways, constantly on-demand. So many of our community members have no boundaries with their emails and check them first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. While staying on top of our inboxes seems like an increasingly impossible task, the answer to this challenge is not to spend more time with our email, but rather, to be smarter about our time in the first place. Set clear parameters around how often you hop onto your email. Our suggestion? Begin with work hours only, and use a habit tracking app to help you beat your email-checking habit.

Create natural pauses in your day-to-day routine.

Running yourself on full speed for the duration of the entire day means most likely, a crash is in sight. Taking time to pause and reset our minds isn’t just necessary for our bodily health, but for the mental energy it takes to do our best work. Incorporating small and frequent pauses throughout the day also leaves room for perspective and gratitude, and keeps the “importance” of our work from going to our head. To begin, pick two fairly routine things that can be done daily. Perhaps it’s a mid-afternoon walk around the block with a cup of tea. Not only does getting fresh air help clear your head, but if you have a desk job, it alleviates the stress put on your back from sitting down all day and gets your blood flowing. A change of scenery is also good for the mind and can help to move through any sort of creative block or all-consuming stressful problem.

Schedule in the fun.

If you’re married to your job, then you’ve probably made excuses to skip out on hobbies or time with friends because you’re “too busy.” The truth is, no one is too busy. We’re completely in charge of our schedules, and sometimes, the best thing to do is schedule in non-work activities. While scheduling fun might seem like it defeats the purpose, if it’s how you can regularly incorporate play into your routine, then we’re all about it. Grab a friend to hold you accountable and sign up for a cooking class or plan a hike.

For those who are still figuring out their professional calling, working hard is not the answer to finding the job you love. And for those who do love their job, there is no guilt in setting clear boundaries with how much of your life you want to dedicate to your work. After all, you can’t be productive if you’re burnt out. And when you’re fixated on work 24/7, you’re not going to be present for your friends, family, and most importantly, for yourself.

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