Body confidence seems to evade even the best of us at times.  In a society where bodies, particularly women’s bodies, are scrutinized and objectified, it is so easy to slip into a spiral of low self-esteem due to not being “enough”: skinny enough, tan enough, tall enough, strong enough.  But these “not enough” traps hold us back from living our fullest life.  Dismissing our insecurities is certainly easier said than done, but with practice and a lot of self-love, it can be done.  Here are a few tips to creating peace with your body.

Let go of comparison.

We are bombarded every day with photoshopped models, meant to sell us something that will make our lives better.  Of course, in order to do so, the company must first convince us we are missing something.  And so advertisements, which surround our daily environments, have a powerful effect on our sense of self and sense of belonging in society. This, combined with social media, which gives us the highlight reel of our friends’ lives, means it is very easy to fall into the dangerous trap of comparing not just our lives, but our bodies, to other people.  Decide today to make a concentrated effort that the next time you start comparing yourself to someone else, take a deep breath and let the thought go.

Say thank you to your body.

Our bodies are capable of incredible, amazing things.  They can take us to breathtaking places in the world, let us hug the ones we love most, or allow us to taste incredible food.  The next time you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts toward your body, instead take that moment to say thank you to your body for where it has gotten you.

Treat yourself.

Just as you would reward an employee for their hard work, be sure to reward your body for all it does for you.  Build in habits, like a weekly bubble bath, or an occasional yoga class, that will allow you to reconnect with and pamper your body, further fostering a positive connection with it.

Try meditation.

Meditation is a fantastic method of reshaping how you think.  It can help to make thoughts less consuming, and you can simply observe them floating by.  Are you having a moment of insecurity about a particular body part? Meditation allows you to more quickly release negative thinking in favor of gratitude. 

Body confidence is attainable and something we can all work toward.  It takes patience and persistence.  If you feel like you could use some support in championing body confidence, do not hesitate to reach out to Primrose Healing and Wellness for a free fifteen-minute consultation with any and all of our therapists.