Do you journal? At Primrose Healing and Wellness, we’re all about finding a multitude of ways to grow and heal alongside traditional talking therapy. Journaling is a powerful habit to track your wellness journey and make regular space for processing. Not only does it help us reflect on patterns of personal growth, but helps to be more present in multiple aspects of our lives. Today we’re highlighting our five favorite reasons why journaling is an excellent tool in our arsenal of self-care.

It Sparks Mindfulness

Mindfulness is ultimately about paying attention. Journaling does just this; it hones our attention to the frustration, anxiety, fear, doubts, and loss we experience, and makes space to move through it. It provides a way to release tough moments and let the negativity out. It’s only when we move through the pain that we can begin to heal, and journaling allows us to do this in small ways every day. Simply paying attention to our emotional wellbeing and what happens to us throughout the day sets the basis for a regular mindfulness practice.

It Helps to Improve Communication

Even the stream-of-consciousness style of writing we use for journaling can help to improve communication. Not only does frequent writing sharpen overall writing and speaking skills, but it helps build greater understanding and awareness of our emotions. Through writing, we can untangle the flurry of thoughts in our minds, sharpen our own intuition, and learn how to articulate specific concerns or patterns to our loved ones, which can build stronger relationships.

It Sharpens Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage emotions. For similar reasons that journaling improves communication, it also significantly boosts self-awareness. For those of us who are more visual learners, having a place to physically write out our thoughts allows us to map out experiences and emotions in a way that allows us to recognize patterns, strengths, and growth points.

It Sparks Creativity

Last but not least, journaling taps into an imaginative part of our brains and boosts creativity. Allowing ourselves to let out what has been bottled up makes room for new thoughts different ways of thinking about things. Sometimes the act of sitting down to write, even without an intention, gives room for our emotions and imagination to explore.

If you’re interested in a holistic approach to wellness, get in touch with our staff via email or by phone. We’re happy to share advice and get you set up with a professional to help determine the best path to healing for yourself. You can also get in touch for a free 15-minute consultation with any and all of our therapists.