Being in a relationship takes intentional work to ensure stability, kindness, and mutual happiness. Some elements of a relationship can come naturally, like love for one another, laughter, and Taco Tuesday nights. But sometimes the building blocks to a solid relationship, like communication, are not necessarily inherently known skills and need to be constantly refined to develop and maintain a healthy relationship. Of course, there is still a lingering taboo around couples counseling, as it is seen often as a sign of failure or doom. But in fact, what is more courageous and hopeful than facing our problems head-on with the aim to work through them? Couples counseling is simply a way to learn more about ourselves, our partners, and how we can recognize healthy and unhealthy patterns of interaction.

A lifetime of relationships with other people, like siblings or parental figures, influence each individual’s pattern of communication. Should parental relationships, for example, set unhealthy standards of how to care for one another, we are left to our own devices to figure out what it means to establish positive behavioral patterns in a romantic relationship with someone. Siblings and friends become teachers of how to be in community together, and movies and television play a significant role in shaping our understanding of what is a “good” relationship.

Enter couples counseling. Even with countless examples of healthy relationships in our personal lives and pop culture, understanding patterns of behavior and communication styles can still be a challenge. Therapy provides an opportunity to explore these aspects in a safe environment and learn new skills and techniques to acknowledge and appreciate what we bring to the relationship and what our partner does too.

Primrose Healing and Wellness offers couples counseling for a wide variety of issues:

Premarital Counseling: Before a couple gets married there are a wide variety of issues useful to explore, like communication, attitudes toward finances, parenting, and sexuality. Therapy helps to identify healthy ways to communicate about these topics and more.

Communication Issues: Communication is the key to a good relationship. This line of therapy begins with an evaluation of a couple’s style of communication and a path to learn new skills to help couples communicate more effectively.

Healing Relationships: There are many reasons why couples experience pain in a relationship, and it can be healed with the guidance of therapy. This type of counseling provides a safe space for couples to share their feelings and begin to process their pain or grief.

Parenting: Parenting is both beautiful and challenging, and this type of therapy can help parents with questions they may have about childhood behavioral issues, or help separated or divorced parents navigate co-parenting.
Conflict Mediation and Coaching: If couples are considering separation, divorce, or child custody issues, it can be helpful to go through a conflict mediation process before deciding to pursue legal matters.

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