We are excited to announce that we have recently incorporated essential oils into our practice at Primrose Healing and Wellness to provide another holistic path to healing for our clients.

Essential oils are aromatic oil extracted and distilled from the root, bark, leaf, or flower of a plant. Their restorative properties have brought harmony, relaxation, and healing to people across the globe for centuries. Their therapeutic benefits go far beyond a pleasant smell – for example, lavender is known to reduce stress and anxiety, both when applied externally on the skin and when ingested.

Dr. Kurt Schunaubelt, an aromatherapy experts, says that “the profound and complete therapeutic effects of essential oils derive from more than their pleasant fragrance. They have vital electromagnetic properties and vibrational energies that invigorate the mind, the soul, the body’s energy, and thus their functioning.”

There are so many different essential oils which target different parts of the body and different stressors. Here are two key reasons why you should consider incorporating essential oils into your wellness routine.

1. Essential oils bring mental healing.

Scent is known to have a direct effect on the limbic system, which communicates with the automatic nervous system. From here, everything from our emotions, memory, and even our flight or fight response is linked. Scents like jasmine, chamomile, and rose can reduce anxiety by relaxing and calming the mind. For those of us who struggle with anxiety, essential oils are an important tool in our toolkit to recenter ourselves during particularly stressful moments.

2. Essential oils bring physical healing.

Rooted in ancient wisdom, essential oils are known to have physical benefits as well and aid the healing process in a non-invasive way. Particular extracts, like clove, can actually have antibiotic effects and aid the healing process. Lavender oil has been shown to help heal burns, and frankincense has anti-inflammatory properties. And essential oils don’t only help relieve stress in our minds, but helps to relax our bodies, and release the tension we all too often carry around with us. 

Intrigued by essential oils? Get in touch for a free 15-minute consultation with any and all of our therapists. We are happy to talk to you further about what essential oils can do for your wellness routine and the dozens of ways in which they improve our livelihood.