With the holiday season quickly approaching – festive smells, sounds and sights surround us. Ovens and stovetops come alive, holiday classics echo from the radio and loved ones reunite. It’s a time to shatter the bitter cold months with the warmth of family, friends, and love; however, this period can also be an overwhelming time.

The cost of holiday presents; parties; work deadlines and tense family relations can often overwhelm us, turning a relaxing period into a time filled with stress. Here are a few tips on how to stay centered during this busy holiday season so that you can use this period to recharge and enter the New Year feeling reenergized.

Take a moment for yourself throughout this busy period to breathe and meditate. Whether you start off your busy day with this natural practice or sneak off during a hectic family event, use yoga to ease the anxiety and stress surrounding you. Originating from India, yoga has a powerful ability to strengthen the mind and body and is the perfect way to stop and take some time for yourself throughout this season. Learn more about yoga practice at Primrose Healing and Wellness here and here.

Practice Mindfulness
Proven to lower stress levels and increase sleeping time, it is no wonder that we encourage giving yourself the gift of mindfulness this holiday season. With a million things going on at once, mindfulness is an important practice that helps us to be present and live in the moment. Amidst the festive activities, take a moment to stop, breathe and meditate so that you can create a deeper connection with yourself. Mindfulness allows us to tune into what makes us happy. Make this connection and allow it to guide your New Year’s Resolutions. Read more about mindfulness at Primrose Healing and Wellness here.

Reiki is a Japanese technique that decreases stress and is centered on healing and wellbeing. It allows energy to flow more freely and evenly throughout the body – realigning the chakras. Never practiced reiki before? Use this holiday period to learn a new technique that will have a lifelong impact. Allow the flow of energy to restore balance to your body. If you haven’t already, incorporate Reiki into your health routine and enter the New Year reconnecting your body and mind. Learn more about the practice here.

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